2011 GE money promotion


An old shoot , but a lot of fun at the time.

Working with Ian Fraser of Pacific Shack  I produced an image of some sports fans cheering on the financial product being advertised . The main shot needed quite a few takes to get the right combination of expressions , and we shot a lot of extra expressions just  in case there weren’t enough , to be photoshopped in later. As it turned out , there were a few of the main shot that were pretty good, but some of the extras were used in other collateral. the scarf colours had to be photoshopped as there were none of the correct corporate colour available.

_C9Q5243 _C9Q5235 _C9Q5232 _C9Q5217 _C9Q5190 _C9Q5185 _C9Q5182 _C9Q5175 _C9Q5166 _C9Q5150 _C9Q5101


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