Auckland University of Technology graduate profiles

I love shooting portraits. Its a great opportunty to meet people and get to know a little more about their lives .

This year I had a great job with AUT shooting profile portraits of some of their graduate and post graduate students. The portraits are to be used in their 2014 Study guides.


Sla Pole – Master of philosophy student

I found it a really interesting and positive experience meeting the different graduates and getting  glimpse into the work they did .

Here are a few of the images produced.



Sam Lin – Bachelor or engineering (Honours) in Mechanical engineering and Bachelor of design in Product design .









Danni Blackburn – Book editThe variety of subjects the students were involved in showed the depth and breadth of the subjects studied at AUT .


The brief was fairly open and had to include something in the students surroundings that visually referred to their work or study.

Each portrait had to be produced in vertical and horizontal formats, to accommodate the different media they may have to be used in.


Paul Scanlan – Bachelor of education in Montessori primary.


Rebecca Jarvis – PhD candidate, conservation planning from a socio-ecological perspective.



Robbie Perris- product engineer at Fisher and Paykel healthcare.



Shweta Mhatre – Master of international hospitality management student.



Liam Badger – Bachelor of sport and recreation study guide.


Anusha Yenugula and Vidusha De Silva – Bachelor of Engineering Technology students.



Maggie Buxton- Phd candidate, Design and creative technologies


Dianne Hemopo – Bachelor of Health science ( midwifery)



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