2013 Portage trust Ceramic awards


Every year for the past five years , I have had the pleasure of photographing the Trusts Portage Ceramic Awards

Portage trust21

Helen Yau – Lace city






Organised  by the curator and staff of Lopdell house, the awards attract a large number of entries from New Zealand and international artists working in ceramics.

Portage trust20

Sangsool Shim and Keumsun Lee – mountain with snow

Portage trust19

Liz Rowe – Space waste and other cosmic debris

Portage trust18

Helen Yau – E book era

Portage trust17

John Roy – Void

Portage trust16

Sam Ducker -Jones – A headstand with Lloyd in 1988

Portage trust15

Rachel Carter – Solitude in numbers

Portage trust14

Owen Bartlett – Quake stone

The artworks can be challenging to photograph as they vary in shape, size and texture . The abstract nature of many of the artworks means presenting them as sympathetically  as possible to the artist’s vision , and shooting them in a format that is consistent with the demands of the catalogue design .

Artwork form the portage trust ceramic awards 2013

Linda Bruce – Illusionary Machinations: Clouds

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