White ribbon campaign 2012


In 2012 I was commissioned by Mission Hall design in Wellington to produce three portraits for the  white ribbon anti domestic violence campaign. The look was to follow the style of a portrait of a film director, David Lynch.

After experimenting with lighting before the shoot  I came up with a classic  style of lighting reminiscent of the Vermeer style of painting . It gave a gravity to the portraits that suited the direction and purpose of the campaign.

Sox Teng, the makeup artist, was briefed to give and even and natural look to the subjects.

The original shots were shot a little  wide to give space for cropping to different formats and adding text later. Lighting was planned so that text would be placed on the same side as the shadows on the face. A range of images were taken of each model , also different styles of clothing were used in case a rage of similar images were required .




The images were then cropped and imbued with a grain texture to add further drama.

grahameguy3harryngataThe images have been used extensively in media, web  and location advertising.

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