How retouch a picture 2

In this image , I used retouching to add to the numbers of people available for the image. This was an image created for a Pr company to publicise 250 years of Guinness stout.
The ideas was to create a publicity stunt where 250 people would assemble themselves on a field in the form of a giant Guinness glass. Unfortunately on the day numbers came up short so as a publicity stunt for press it didn’t really happen. However with a bit of retouching and creation of additional people to boost numbers a useful illustrative piece could be created – so the day didn’t go wasted!
In this case I was down the rankings for photographers as the press people got the pole position so not having the right angle created some extra work. It wasn’t a particularly simple job to retouch and took a day of intense people creation so not to have too much repetition in the image – The human eye is very good at picking up repeating patterns so it was important there not be any looking exactly the same.
On a more technical note – I shot the scene with both Canon 35mm and Hasselblad medium format digital cameras. The medium format camera gave me some additional colour depth and field flatness ( because I was able to use a comparatively longer lens ) which made finalising the retouching much easier.
Below you can see a few of the before and after shots .

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