Ballast exhibition catalogue – John Edgar Sculptures

John Edgar sculpture

Sometimes the ability to retouch photographs is quite a relief. I’m not really a big fan of retouching , more of a photographic purist and like to get things right in the camera . But if you need it to tell the story , it is essential.

"Flagstone" A sculpture by John edgar for the "Ballast" exhibition.

This was a shoot I did with John Edgar( , currently New Zealand’s premiere sculptor. He had produced a series of sculptures that centred around his Scottish ancestry. Pieces of New Zealand and Scottish stone were bonded together to represent both nations.
Originally we had this idea we could take them out to photograph in the landscape in various locations, but weather and the problems of moving pieces of 100kg stone , along with the impending deadlines of having to ship them to Scotland for an exhibition precluded this possibility.


Landmark -a sculpture

While we were able to produce studio photography on location in John’s Studio with few issues , getting the works out of the studio to anywhere was a problem. I suggested retouching them in to landscape photographs I had taken around the area previously. It added an extra illustrative dimension to the exhibition catalogue that it lacked . So technology creates a solution – if you plan to use it.
You can see the pillow sculpture where it started in the studio, the creek it is lying in was created out of a much smaller creek , the other backgrounds were shot as they appear , on large format film .

John Edgar sculpture for the ballast exhibition

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