Layout 2

Bell tea factory interior


Layout seven

Machinery detail mural Bell tea factory


Tea drying machinery mural

A few years ago I was commissioned through the PR shop and  by Glen Ryan , production manager of the Bell tea  factory in East Tamaki, to shoot the interiors and machinery .

The company was keen to document  the production lines and interiors before a major upgrade.

The Factory had changed very little over its lifetime and some of the filling lines and packaging machinery was a little old but visually interesting . The interiors of the factory were site drab so to liven it up , my assistant , Rod Gibbs , and I used coloured  Gels over the lights to create more interest through different color balances. By necessity , the Shots had to be done during factory working hours. This gave an opportunity to incorporate a little bit of blur to show the movement around the machinery , which otherwise looked quite static.


Production line , Bell tea factory





The images were assembled  and along with a recent aerial shot of the area, printed as 30x 45 inch murals to line the interiors and boardroom of the refurbished factory.

Bell tea mural

Aerial shot of the area. The Bell tea factory is roughly in the centre of the image.


Filling machinery mural



Filling machine detail mural


Packaging machine detail mural

Layout eight

Vintage machinery detail mural


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