Automated machinery 2011

I ‘m always a bit suspect of video and movie guys that do a few ” stills” on the side. I don’t think that you can really do justice to video or photography trying to do the two at once, they really are separate skills.

With this job I reversed the process, and became the still photographer that shot a bit of video on the side. It still needed scripting and timeline skills and a careful appraisal of where the video  was going as it was being shot.

Generally speaking , photographers these days are expected to have some moving image capability, even if just shooting short videos for the internet. Most modern cameras have some video capability,  often of a high quality. 

Once long , long ago I did do some video and movie training so have a basic idea on how shooting and editing film and video is meant to work .

Because of that a couple of years ago I was asked to shoot some video for an automated machinery company. Apparently I know one end of a video camera from the other which qualified me .

At that time they needed something a little more than still photography to use in and interactive sales presentation they had developed.

The video was never edited or used in a short film format the way it is here. The machinery is considerably speeded up in this video otherwise it would be pretty  dull viewing.

It was a race against time to shoot video as the machinery was having its final test run before disassembly and shipping overseas. A time line and shot list had been worked out beforehand but sometimes it was a  matter of waiting while the engineers adjusted something and ran another test before we were able to shoot .

There was no opportunity to set up and move lighting around and the conditions were quite  dark. The fact there was a rainstorm for most of the time we were shooting didn’t help matters much. We shot on a Canon Dslr that gave very good results at higher iso settings.

Blame Stanley Kubrick and 2001 a space odyssey for the  use of Johann Strauss’s ” The Blue Danube” – but I couldn’t resist it .



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