Portrait Photographs

business portrait for use in internal communications


Shona Jennings for More Magazine

Portrait photography is always one of the main parts of any photography business and mine is no exception . While many photographers might have one particular style of portrait , generally most professionals might have to work in many different styles to cater to different clients. There could be the executive or business portrait , the actor/actress portrait, the candid portrait or the illustrative or character portrait.








Teremoana Rapley for Moove magazine

Portrait photography can be done in a studio with controlled light , or in a location that says something about the subject ( environmental portraiture) . It can have studio light used or natural light , or a combination of the two . The options are endless and that is even before you get into any kind of digital manipulation.
Different clients might have unique requirements . For example : a magazine might require relaxed “natural” portraiture where a business might need more formal photography,
Advertising and photography for magazines and book always needs to take into account page shapes and also space for titles and text, and because of that it needs to be remembered that
the photograph in itself may not look like the most brilliant composition , but when text or titles is added then they complete the image as was intended


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