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Layout 2

Bell tea factory interior


Layout seven

Machinery detail mural Bell tea factory


Tea drying machinery mural

A few years ago I was commissioned through the PR shop and  by Glen Ryan , production manager of the Bell tea  factory in East Tamaki, to shoot the interiors and machinery .

The company was keen to document  the production lines and interiors before a major upgrade.

The Factory had changed very little over its lifetime and some of the filling lines and packaging machinery was a little old but visually interesting . The interiors of the factory were site drab so to liven it up , my assistant , Rod Gibbs , and I used coloured  Gels over the lights to create more interest through different color balances. By necessity , the Shots had to be done during factory working hours. This gave an opportunity to incorporate a little bit of blur to show the movement around the machinery , which otherwise looked quite static.


Production line , Bell tea factory





The images were assembled  and along with a recent aerial shot of the area, printed as 30x 45 inch murals to line the interiors and boardroom of the refurbished factory.

Bell tea mural

Aerial shot of the area. The Bell tea factory is roughly in the centre of the image.


Filling machinery mural



Filling machine detail mural


Packaging machine detail mural

Layout eight

Vintage machinery detail mural


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Fashion Quarterly entertaining food shoot 2013


Canederli di spinaci con salsa di gorgonzola noci

I n 2013, I worked with Fashion Quarterly  entertaining magazine  and food stylist Alessandra Zecchini to produce a series of images of her family’s most treasured recipes. Art direction and props are by Marcel Gull.


Pizza al timo con pomodorini e mozzarelline


Insalata di rucola, pere, parmigiano eAceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena.
Torta di spinaci e scalogno


Tagliatelle alla zucca e funghi porcini


Minestrone di verdure con rinforzo di aglio e prezzemolo


Frittelle alla crema al profumo di arancia

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2011 GE money promotion


An old shoot , but a lot of fun at the time.

Working with Ian Fraser of Pacific Shack  I produced an image of some sports fans cheering on the financial product being advertised . The main shot needed quite a few takes to get the right combination of expressions , and we shot a lot of extra expressions just  in case there weren’t enough , to be photoshopped in later. As it turned out , there were a few of the main shot that were pretty good, but some of the extras were used in other collateral. the scarf colours had to be photoshopped as there were none of the correct corporate colour available.

_C9Q5243 _C9Q5235 _C9Q5232 _C9Q5217 _C9Q5190 _C9Q5185 _C9Q5182 _C9Q5175 _C9Q5166 _C9Q5150 _C9Q5101


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Auckland University of Technology graduate profiles

I love shooting portraits. Its a great opportunty to meet people and get to know a little more about their lives .

This year I had a great job with AUT shooting profile portraits of some of their graduate and post graduate students. The portraits are to be used in their 2014 Study guides.


Sla Pole – Master of philosophy student

I found it a really interesting and positive experience meeting the different graduates and getting  glimpse into the work they did .

Here are a few of the images produced.



Sam Lin – Bachelor or engineering (Honours) in Mechanical engineering and Bachelor of design in Product design .









Danni Blackburn – Book editThe variety of subjects the students were involved in showed the depth and breadth of the subjects studied at AUT .


The brief was fairly open and had to include something in the students surroundings that visually referred to their work or study.

Each portrait had to be produced in vertical and horizontal formats, to accommodate the different media they may have to be used in.


Paul Scanlan – Bachelor of education in Montessori primary.


Rebecca Jarvis – PhD candidate, conservation planning from a socio-ecological perspective.



Robbie Perris- product engineer at Fisher and Paykel healthcare.



Shweta Mhatre – Master of international hospitality management student.



Liam Badger – Bachelor of sport and recreation study guide.


Anusha Yenugula and Vidusha De Silva – Bachelor of Engineering Technology students.



Maggie Buxton- Phd candidate, Design and creative technologies


Dianne Hemopo – Bachelor of Health science ( midwifery)



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2013 Portage trust Ceramic awards


Every year for the past five years , I have had the pleasure of photographing the Trusts Portage Ceramic Awards

Portage trust21

Helen Yau – Lace city






Organised  by the curator and staff of Lopdell house, the awards attract a large number of entries from New Zealand and international artists working in ceramics.

Portage trust20

Sangsool Shim and Keumsun Lee – mountain with snow

Portage trust19

Liz Rowe – Space waste and other cosmic debris

Portage trust18

Helen Yau – E book era

Portage trust17

John Roy – Void

Portage trust16

Sam Ducker -Jones – A headstand with Lloyd in 1988

Portage trust15

Rachel Carter – Solitude in numbers

Portage trust14

Owen Bartlett – Quake stone

The artworks can be challenging to photograph as they vary in shape, size and texture . The abstract nature of many of the artworks means presenting them as sympathetically  as possible to the artist’s vision , and shooting them in a format that is consistent with the demands of the catalogue design .

Artwork form the portage trust ceramic awards 2013

Linda Bruce – Illusionary Machinations: Clouds

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